Welcome To The Strivings Group

Assessment and Counselling services for substance use, mental health care, gambling, and post-concussion syndrome in Mississauga, Oakville, and Etobicoke areas

Who We Are

Strivings Group takes a practical, down to earth approach to helping adults improve their mental health. Addictions, depression, and anxiety are all matters the registered medical professionals at Strivings can help you with. We listen carefully to the issues that you are finding troublesome and help you move forward. From managing the additional challenges of life in a global pandemic to helping you to set and keep goals, or take the important first step towards new behaviors. Strivings also have specialist experience in helping clients better manage the symptoms related to post-concussion injuries.


We offer flexibility in where we meet with you including in person, on the phone as well as video. We offer flexibility in when we meet with daytime, evening, and weekend appointments. And we do our best to create an environment for our clients to feel supported. Call us anytime for a complimentary 15 minute chat – in person or on the telephone to answer any questions you may have

Services We Provide



Comprehensive assessments allow us to define a highly personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Learn More

Individual Counselling

We match you to an individual counselor who will provide dedicated treatment. Learn More

Day Program

Our unique month-long day program is based on the same principles employed at residential treatment centers and has the added benefit of our participants continuing to live and work in their own environment. Learn More

Family Program

We offer individual and group programs to help family members of those impacted by mental health or substance use of others. Learn More


Support Groups

We offer a monthly support group for our clients experiencing post-concussion syndrome. Learn More