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Welcome to Strivings Group

Assessment and Counselling services for substance use disorders, mental health care, gambling, and post concussion syndrome. Proudly helping people in Mississauga, Oakville and Etobicoke areas.

Who We Are

Our staff has been involved in helping people improve their mental health and change patterns of substance use for decades. We set up our clients with an appropriately matched treatment team who are all registered medical professionals. We work with clients from a harm reduction perspective to help clients set and keep goals, or simply to help talk through stressful situations. We are proud to offer a lot of flexibility offering night time and weekend visits.

At any given time we are happy to give you our 15 minute – meet and greet- in person at our office or on the telephone to explain what The Strivings Group is all about and answer any questions you have.


Comprehensive assessments allow us to define a highly personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Learn More

Individual Counselling

We match you to an individual counselor that provides dedicated treatment. Learn More

Day Program

Our unique month long day program is based on the same principles employed at residential treatment centers; however, our participants continue living and working in their own environment. Learn More

Family Program

We offer individual and group programs to help family members of those impacted by mental health or substance use of others. Learn More

Support Groups

We believe the options are limited in terms of providing ongoing support when we are on the path of maintaining stabilized mental wellness and substance use goals.  We offer a weekly drop in support group held in the evenings. Learn More