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Personal Assessment

One on One meetingOur assessments are based on standardized models that have been long proven to help us get to know our clients and understand patterns and personality. There are no right or wrong answers to assessment questions but these answers are essential and can be very helpful in building a personalized strategy. They are only part of the process. The rest is done by building a trusting relationship and setting goals for success.

A detailed review of our findings will be reviewed with you to ensure that we got things right. A treatment plan will be proposed with an opportunity to have our clients tweak the plan. Our practitioners will only recommend strategies that our clients feel fit with their personalities and lifestyles.

If residential treatment (rehab) is your desired goal, we will help to match our clients to the correct treatment facility and do all of the necessary referrals, following up with you immediately upon return in order to continue support while easing back into the community,

Personal setting

Individual and couples counselling is a simple as it sounds. A dedicated practitioner will be matched with the needs of our clients. These one on one sessions can either be the sole way that you work towards goals, or they can be used to augment group treatment to drill down further into topics that require further exploration.

Our unique month long day program is something that sets The Strivings Group apart from other professionals.  This program is based on the same principles employed at residential treatment centers, however, our participants continue living and working in their own environment.

The Day Program is suited to both people trying to change their patterns of substance use and/or generally improve mental health.

While residential treatment may be the best solution for many to start their journey, a day program may be preferable for many others as it allows one to stay in their home environment and lifestyle while doing the work.  A day program may also be beneficial before entering residential treatment, or even more importantly, post residential treatment, offering continue support while adjusting and integrating into everyday life.

Admission is designed so participants can join at any time, based on availability, not needing to wait for a new program start date.  We believe there is benefit to having participants join at different stages of their journey as there is support to be gained from someone may already be through the early recovery challenges.

The day program runs from 9:30-12:30pm Monday to Friday, focusing on topics such as:

  • Anger and how to express it
  • Self awareness, self confidence and self-esteem
  • Discovering stress points and triggers and learning how to deal with them
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Effective communication strategies

The Strivings Group recognizes that when a family member or loved one is struggling with substance use issues or problematic mental health, it is often extremely difficult for close family and friends.  We offer a program specifically geared to families to help set boundaries, focus on one’s own self-care and create an environment whereby friends/family can provide support without enabling or fueling the condition or behavior.  We will also teach you about being careful not to become part of a “co-dependent” relationship; this means that we want to prevent close friends and family from being deprived of their own emotional well-being as it is often reliant on that of the loved one.

Obtaining this support through our group program allows people to connect with others in a similar situation. We can also provide supportive one-on-one counselling.

Although the majority of our services are provided in the office, we can make arrangements to come to your home for a first visit within the Mississauga, Oakville and West Toronto areas.

Our support and wellness group is available on a weekly basis, on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

This 90 minute program usually focuses on a topic of discussion and allows everyone to participate or simply listen. Examples of topics discussed are: coping with anxiety, stress management techniques, leisure activities, identifying triggers and many more.

The style of these groups is inclusive. We take the lead from our clients in terms of what they want to discuss. Although 12 steps programs can be very helpful to many people, this group provides an alternative group format where conversation is encouraged, and confidentiality is a must.


We offer support to clients who are exploring their career/education interests and options.  A combination of individual meetings and the industry’s top standardized assessments will provide both insight and practical information, so clients can make considered, informed decisions as they strive to reach their career goals.  This usually involves two-three meetings and at-home assessment completion.