Our Services

Personal Assessment

At Strivings, we use a variety of assessment tools based on standardized models to better understand our clients, their patterns, and personalities. There are no right or wrong answers to our assessments, and they are very helpful in building a personalized mental health strategy.

We review our assessment findings with our clients, then propose a treatment plan that’s open for revision. Our registered practitioners will only recommend strategies that our clients identify with their personalities and lifestyles.

If residential treatment (rehab) is the desired goal, we help match our clients to the best treatment facilities. We follow-up with our clients, immediately upon return, and continue providing support while easing back into the community.

The personal assessments are only part of our process. In addition to the assessments, we rely on building relationships of trust and setting practical goals for success.


Individual and Couples Counselling


Individual and couples counselling is a practical method to work towards your goals. After an initial consultation, a dedicated practitioner will be matched with the needs of our clients. These private sessions can be your sole strategy to work towards your goals, or they can be used to complement and augment group treatments.

Concussion Management

The Strivings Group is partnered with Highmark Health to provide detailed and holistic services for concussion and post-concussion syndrome management and treatment. Members of The Strivings group have lived experience with post-concussion syndrome. We provide counselling and case management skills to navigating insurance, accident benefits, legal, medical administration and health recovery.


“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” – Carl Jung

Day Program

The Strivings Group offers a unique day program to adults looking to improve their mental health. The day program allows clients to stay in their home environment while working to progress towards betterment.

Our day program is often used as an alternative to residential treatment programs (rehab). It can also be beneficial before entering residential treatment or, even more importantly, after residential treatment for ongoing support while re- integrating into the community. ​

We accept participants to the program on a rolling basis. This ensures that clients can participate based on availability with no need to wait. By having participants join at different stages of their journey, we provide an environment for communal support and solidarity. ​

The day program runs from 9:30am – 12:30 pm Monday to Friday, focusing on topics such as: ​

  • Anger and how to express it​
  • Self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem​
  • Discovering stress points and triggers and learning how to deal with them​
  • Relaxation techniques​
  • Effective communication strategies

Family Program

At Strivings, we recognize that when a family member or loved one struggles with substance abuse or mental health, it is often extremely difficult for family and friends.  Our family program is specifically geared to family members. We help set boundaries, focus on one’s own self-care, and create an environment whereby friends and family can provide support without enabling or aggravating the condition.

The concept “co-dependent” relationships is central to this program. We provide guidance on how close family and friends can prevent being deprived of their own emotional well-being while supporting your loved ones.

Joining our family program will connect your family with others in a similar situation, as well as supportive one-on-one counselling. ​

Family programs often take place at our office, but arrangements can be made to have the first meeting in your home within Mississauga, Oakville, and West Toronto areas.


Career Development


The Strivings Group offers support to clients who are exploring their interests and considering career changes. With practical insights gathered from 2-3 personal meetings and an industry-standardized at-home assessment, we help clients make thorough, informed decisions to achieve their career goals.